DUX Dynamic

The DUX Dynamic bed combines the exceptional benefits of a DUX bedwith the elevation capabilities of an adjustable bed. The advanced DUX Dynamic has three layers of flexible Swedish steel springs to ensure that your body is supported naturally and comfortably. The upper layer is based on the unique Pascal system, with three comfort zones that adapt individually to your shoulders, torso and legs. The DUX Dynamic operates effortlessly with a safe, low voltage motor and is built to withstand years of use. The handoperated remote control makes the DUX Dynamic quiet and easy to use.

  • Easy to adjust position
  • DUX spring system
  • DUX Pascal system
  • Remote control


Width Length
90 cm 200 cm, 210 cm
105 cm 200 cm, 210 cm
120 cm 200 cm, 210 cm
165 cm 210 cm
180 cm 210 cm

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